Facilities and Services Available to External Users and Customers.

All the facilities of the Nuclear Physics Institute are open for the scientists from other institutes of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, for the universities and for other Czech or foreign organisations. We are also able to perform some measurements for the interested customers on the commercial basis.

The Nuclear Spectroscopy Department offers services in the field of elemental characterisation of various materials using the R-XRF and NAA methods. The former method is suitable for nondestructive determination of major and minor constituents in geological, metallurgical, and various archaeological samples, while the nondestructive mode of the latter method, denoted as instrumental NAA - INAA, makes possible determination of minor and trace concentrations of many (up to forty) elements in various matrices, such as soils, sediments, sewage sludges, other waste materials and industrial ashes, and in aerosols. By combining INAA and NAA with radiochemical separation (RNAA), 20-30 elements, including majority of essential and toxic trace and/or ultratrace elements, can be determined in the above mentioned sample types and also in waters, plants, animal and human tissues and other biological materials. Analysing larger series of samples of a similar type is preferred, as well as co-operation on interpretation of analysis results.

The electrostatic Van de Graaff accelerator and experimental devices installed around can be used for

The analytical device at LWR-15 research reactor can routinely be used for depth profiling of Li, B and some other light elements with detection limits =< 1 ppm. The analyses for external organizations are performed on commercial basis but direct participation of customer in the measurements is welcome. Participation in larger, well founded interdisciplinary research projects is prefered by NPI workers.

The Neutron Diffraction Group (and see here) offers performation of measurements on dedicated instruments in the field of

- small angle neutron scattering
- residual strains in polycrystalline materials
- neutron interferometry
- neutron optics and neutron difraction topography
- structure of amorphous glasses.
Offers of Nuclear Reaction Department to external customers are given by experimental facilities installed on the cyclotron beam-transport system. Several charge-particle irradiation experiments were realized during the years 1990-1994. The investigations covered mainly irradiation of solid-state materials especially the semiconductor substrates for industrial purposes. These possibilities are, of course, opened also for the near future.

The fast neutron source installed at the cyclotron makes possible the local irradiation of biological samples by an intensive flux of fast neutrons for purpose of biophysical and biological research. Department of Accelerators can provide the following services for customers:

Department of Radiation Dosimetry can offer the following methods and procedures for external organizations:

All the dedicated instruments are equipped by an automatic control and the necessary software for preliminary elaboration of the experimental data. Concerning the pure research activity the instruments are at disposal to external users and an advice as well as assistance in the running of experiments are provided. The user have full responsibility for the subsequent analysis and interpretation of the obtained experimental results. The experiments with commercial applications may be approved only on the basis of a special agreement between NPI and the external user.